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Secret Stones

What is a nicer way to spend a day off than wandering along the shore with family and the dog? Perhaps only something that makes teh walk a little more interactive for the younger family members. This is where ‘Secret Stones’ come in.


All across the UK, people are painting and hiding stones in their local area, which are in turn found and re-hidden by others. Some people have amazing artistic skills and have created very detailed designs, others are maybe younger and not quite got the hang of detail on such a small scale – but the thrill of finding either style is the same.

Here are a few we found, and re-hid on our walk through Queensberry Bay Caravan Park at Powfoot, near Annan.



This inspired us to come home to do our own versions, which are being distributed along Annan River Path today.


We used acrylic paint to do the background colour, waited until they were dry and used marker pens to draw and colour our pictures. Once totally dry, they were coated with a clear acrylic spray paint to protect them from the elements.


If you would like to join us in the ‘Secret Stones’ fun, you can book to use our classroom where you can paint your stones and leave them to be coated with a clear protective spray varnish. You can collect them to hide, or I would be happy to hide them for you – then you have the fun of looking for them!

Join the Dumfries and Galloway Secret Stones group on Facebook, or send us photos of your finds so we can share with them.


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