Adult Party Catalog

Adult Parties at Mad Notions

Adult Parties at Mad Notions are great for a special birthday, retirement, Hen Party or even just a fun get together

We do various packages depending on how much you would like to happen at your party.


Basic Party includes:

  • The exclusive use of our two craft rooms
  • A member of staff to lead craft activities booked
  • Invites for each person


Themed Party includes:

  • The exclusive use of our two craft rooms
  • A member of staff to lead craft activities booked
  • Themed invite for each person
  • Decorations in the theme of your choice
  • Special activity options for certain occasions

Activities are not included in the package prices – each activity is individually priced per person

Package 1hr 1hr 30m 2hr 2hr 30m 3hr
Basic Party £20 £25 £30 £35 £40
Themed Party £30 £35 £40 £45 £50


You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks, however all participants must be over 18yrs.

Some activities are age restricted, however all other activities can be suitable to include children age 8+



Create unique bunting using either fabrics or paper. Choose from plain, patterned or even words to create your unique decoration.

Each person will be able to make their own bunting or make one long piece.

1hr – £10 per person


Book Folding Art

Make unusual decorations for home, work or a special occasion.

Mix with origami to create something truly unique and personal.

1hr – £8 per person


Floating Teacups

Something uniquely quirky can be made for any occasion. Bring along any props you would like included or let us know if you have a specific theme in mind.

1hr – £10 per person


Bath Salts

Mix up your very own bath salts using different scents and colours.

Option of making a jar each, a large jar as a group or mini jars, which would be perfect as favours.

45mins – £8 per person


Wedding Stationery

Create your own invites, table plan, table numbers, orders of service or thank you notes with friends and family to add that personal touch to your wedding day.

Some activities may require prior planning, such as table plan, however most can be finalised at a later date.

Each person should be able to make 5 cards, invites or order of service.

1 hr – £8 per person



Whether as a group activity to create a full scrapbook for one particular person, or as framed individual pages, you can create a beautiful keepsake for someone’s birthday, retirement, baby shower or hen party.

Photos will be required for this activity.

45mins – £7 per person


Card Making

Depending on the time of year you may enjoy getting together with friends to make cards for a special occasion, or just enjoy making blank ones for use throughout the year.

Each person will have time to make around 4 cards each.

45min – £8 per person


T-shirt Design

Create your own t-shirt with fabric pens, paints, ribbons, buttons and other embellishments – perfect for marking a special occasion!

A white T-shirt will be provided for each person.

T-shirts will require time to dry if using glue or paint.

1 hr -£12 per person


Bra Adapting*

Use paints and fabric pens to create a unique and unusual design on a bra before adding beads, sequins and other embellishments. A white bra will be provided for each person

Bras will require drying time when using paint or glue.

1hr – £14 per person    

*Age 14+ only


Pants Adapting**

A pair of pants will be provided in white to paint, colour, sew and stick embellishments to.

Create something that will make you feel funky!

Drying time required if glue and paint are used.

1hr – £12 per person      

**Age 12+ Only


Combo Option: Bra & Pants Painting 1hr 45min £20


Tiaras & Headbands

Crystals, pearls and other beads will be used to create stunning tiaras, hairbands, or hair slides.
No drying or waiting required so can be worn straight away or be kept for a special occasion

1hr – £12 per person


Costume Jewellery

A selection of beads in various shapes, sizes, colours and textures will be provided to create various styles of necklace, earrings and/or bracelet.

Each person should have time to take away at least two items.

Please speak to a member of staff in advance if you have a specific design in mind.

1hr – £10 per person



Make up to three rings each using various colours, and styles of wire, beads and crystals.

Uniquely made for everyday use or special occasions.

30min – £7 per person


Wine glass charms

Make a selection of 3 wine glass charms each

30min – £6 per person



Decorate your own mug to commemorate a special occasion, for each other, or just as a relaxing activity with friends.

Firing and cooling takes 45minutes and so mugs will need to be collected the next day unless booking Party Plus

45min – £8 per person



Use various designs, paints and techniques to create your own plate.

Make your own design or all do the same to make a dinner service

45min – £8 per person



Decorate your own glasses for everyday use, special occasions or as a gift.

Choose from short tumbler, tall tumbler, pint glass, shot glass, wine glass or champagne flute.

45min – £8 per person


Mug & Plate combo

1hr 30min – £15 per person


Nipple Tassels

Use a variety of fabrics, sequins, beads and feathers to create a stunning pair of Nipple Tassels.

1hr – £14 per person



Learn to create intricate works of art using spiralled strips of paper.

45min – £8 per person


Nail & String Art

Use pent up aggression to hammer nails into wood to make an outline of your design. Then carefully wrap string around the nails to create a unique and quirky wall art.

1hr – £12 per person


Stamped Clay

Use a selection of rubber stamps to create hanging clay ornaments – perfect as favours.

Each person will be able to make approx. 5 items.

45min – £6 per person


Baby-grow Decorating

Paint, draw and sew a stunning little baby grow for when the little one arrives

1hr – £10 per person


Bib Painting

Paint and draw with fabric safe materials onto a bib for a one-off design for baby.

30min – £7 per person


Baby’s First Alphabet Book

Using the alphabet sheets provided draw relating pictures and colour, before laminating and binding into a totally unique alphabet book

30min – £10 per full alphabet


Wooden Baby Blocks

Paint, pens and fabric can transform plain wooden blocks into a stimulating toy for future use.

Each person will be able to complete approx. 4 blocks.

1hr – £8 per person



Pictionary – £4

Classic, quick draw game with a themed twist for those special occasions. Two teams vs each other. Prize for the winning team.


Bingo – £4

Each participant will receive a bingo board and pen, then let the fun begin. A member of staff can act as bingo caller and themed words/images can be used for those special occasions. Prizes provided for first line & first house.


Jenga – £4

Build the tower and slowly remove the bricks without letting it topple. Wooden spoon prize for the one to topple the tower.


Truth or Dare – £4

A pack of Truth or Dare cards that can be used throughout the party and then taken away when you leave.


Partners in Pen – £4

Join up in pairs and sit back to back. Try and draw what your partner describes, without saying the items name. Prize for most correct answers in 3 minutes.


Who Am I? – £4

Use sticky paper to name each person as a character, item or person by sticking on their forehead. Use questions and yes/no answers to guess who/what you are. First one to guess correctly receives a prize.


Perfect Partner – £5

Each person gets a lump of clay and they are nominated a piece of body to make, based on their perfect partner. After 10min, the pieces are joined to discover the group ‘perfect partner’. The model can be left to dry and collected at a later date if wished.


What’s in your handbag? – £4

Points scoring game, based on the things in your bag. The more random the items, the higher the score. Prize for highest and lowest score.


Playdough Babies – £5

Each person is given 2 or 3 small pieces of playdough in different colours. The aim is to create the most realistic, or the most ridiculous babies possible. Two prizes provided, group to decide on what the prizes are awarded for.


Measure Mums Bump – £4

Each person, including Mum-to-be, guesses how big the baby bump is and cut a piece of string the length they think. Each person checks by wrapping round Mum-to-be. Prize for closest person.


Baby Faces – £4

Can be done in groups or individually. A face photo of both Mum & Dad are cut into equal strips. Each person/group need to rearrange the pieces to create a representation of what baby will look like. The pictures can then be stuck into a book or onto a large sheet as a keepsake.


Baby Bottle Bowling – £5

As it name suggests, bowling using baby bottle as the pins. Prize for the highest score.


Pin the Junk on the Hunk/ Bling on the Ring – £5 each

A saucy twist on a traditional ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game. Prize for closest person.


Penis Hoopla – £5

Each person gets 3-5 attempts as throwing rings onto a penis stuck in the middle of the table. The winner is the person who gets most rings onto the penis. If it is a draw, they would then play until sudden death. Note: There is a minimum age limit of 18yrs for this game.




Fingerprint Canvas – £6

Get all of your guests to print their fingertip onto a pre-drawn image on a canvas, and take the memory of the party home with you. Various design available.

Price is per canvas. Please let us know if you would like more than one.


Personal Message Jenga – £6

Write a message or doodle a drawing onto each block and take it home to play at future events. Great way to pass on advice to mum-to-be, suggest dates for couples or even write memories of past events.


Blank Jigsaw – £4

A blank jigsaw made from quality card can be provided with pens to write or draw on for later reading. Each puzzle will have approx. 24 pieces.


Kissing Single Life Goodbye – £4

Don your favourite lipstick to kiss the bride-to-be’s single life goodbye. 300gsm card is printed with the slogan before you arrive, so it only takes a few minutes or so to create something that can be added to a scrapbook, memory box or even framed at a later date.


Photograph Disc – £5 per disc

We are happy to take photographs throughout the evening and can give you a disc of all the images 3 working days after the party. These images will not be edited, but will also not be watermarked, allowing you to do what you wish with them.


Message Book – £6

A ring bound notepad will have been prepared before the party with small envelopes inside. This can be done as just envelopes and slips of paper allowing all guests to leave advice, memories or wishes for the future for the host. We can also style the book so that each person can have a double page, leaving space for a photograph to be added at a later date, as well as the envelopes and paper for messages.

Mums-to-be, brides-to-be and retirees may enjoy this as it allows the guests to leave advice or memories about the future and their time together.


Bucket Lists – £4

Paper and pens will be provided to allow future date ideas, challenges or even Karma Sutra positions to be recorded and sealed away for the host to attempt at a later date. This can be kept secret from the host, or can be done as a group activity.

Your choice of a jar or bucket will be provided for storing the ideas.



Terms and conditions

Booking and payment

  1. A minimum non-refundable deposit of 50% is to be paid at time of booking to reserve the time and date requested.
  2. The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the party.
  3. The remainder is to be paid no later than two weeks before the party.
  4. All details, including number of participants, must be confirmed two weeks before the party.
  5. Parties can be held for a minimum of 4, maximum of 12 participants.
  6. Once numbers are confirmed and a booking form has been signed, we cannot refund or deduct for missing participants.
  7. All participants must be over 8 years old – please discuss with a member of staff if any children under 18yrs will be present.
  8. We reserve the right to turn a party away on the day of the event, if someone under 18 turns up without notice.
  9. If a party has to be cancelled due to a child turning up, we will not refund any of the payment.
  10. If a party is cancelled by Mad Notions (staff illness etc.) you will be offered an alternative date or a full refund.
  11. Any damages to property or equipment will be paid in full. A bill will be sent to the person booking and should be paid within 14days.

Food and Drink

  1. You are welcome to bring food and drink onto the property – please let us know.
  2. Alcohol can be consumed on the property only if all participants are aged 18+.
  3. Alcohol is not available to buy at the party.
  4. There will be a charge of £50 for any alcohol related cleaning required (i.e. vomit) and should be paid within one week.
  5. Mad Notions can take no responsibility for food brought into the premises by the booking party, nor any illness caused by such food.
  6. All food and drink must be removed from the premises at the end of the party.
  7. Any remaining food or drink will be disposed of and cannot be kept.
  8. All rubbish must be bagged and ready for disposal. Bags for rubbish will be provided at no extra cost.
  9. 15minutes will be allocated after your party finish time to allow for tidying up.
  10. We can order food from The Lounge Coffee Shop, Annan (additional costs apply)
  11. The party organiser will take responsibility for highlighting any dietary requirements at the time of ordering.
  12. All food must be ordered and paid for in full a minimum of one week before the party.

Extras – Games & Keepsakes

  1. All extras must be ordered and paid for a minimum of one week before the party to ensure time for delivery.
  2. Payments for all extras are non-refundable.