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Red Squirrel Spotting

Last week I was kindly invited to go squirrel spotting at Eskrigg Nature Reserve in Lockerbie. My cousins, who invited me, had been before and raved about how fantastic it was to see the wildlife up close. I hadn’t even heard of it before, but was definitely intrigued.

Traveling from Annan in the car took around 20-30minutes. On arrival, we parked in a small car park next to the Dryfesdale Cemetery, the home of the Lockerbie Garden of Remembrance. The parking easy to find, free and had plenty of space for around 12-15 cars. It was pleasant to jump out of the car on such a warm day – most likely the hottest we have had so far this year. Perfect for wandering through sheltered wooded area.

To find the actual woodland, we walked to the road side and turned left, back towards Lockerbie. Only a minute along the path, we found the entrance across the road. The temporary roadworks were handy for keeping an eye on the traffic, but with a long stretch either side, it was safe to cross when clear.


The path starts off with a large signpost telling you bits and pieces about the wood and what types of wildlife may be spotted. It then stretches off between the trees, lined with berry bushes along the way. The eldest cousin, who is only 9yrs old, decided he knew where he was going and led us down a side path. Although it was clearly a path, it was a little muddy in places, and not nearly as easy to follow as the main path. It did take us past a couple of make-shift shelters though which was interesting.





We quickly reached a pond area, where we sat and watched the ducks and small fish for a while. There was also a wooden walkway that went around the pond and ended at a small viewing hut which had two small stools in a wooden shelter, with windows facing the pond. After a short time in the hut, we turned back and followed the walkway back to the main path.





A few hundred yards away, we then found another viewing hut with seats and information leaflets. You could easily sit here and watch the squirrel area without disturbing them. The squirrel area was full of squirrel friendly trees, a number of which had boxes screwed to them full of nuts to feed the squirrels.





Even though we sat for around an hour, waiting for them to appear – there were sadly no squirrels came down to visit us. Although it was a very hot day – the squirrels were probably happily in the breeze higher in the trees, laughing at us!

If you are looking for something to do on a dry day, take a little visit to the woods. It is a lovely, easy walk and dogs are welcome too (although it is recommended to keep them on the lead so as not to scare the squirrels).

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  1. Have been there Laura, and it is lovely to walk through, thank you for reminding me of it, I have a friend who would love it, thanks

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