Crafter Bio – Straps 4 Strings

Hello, my name is Rona Carson. I design and make leather items from my shed in Kelton Bank, Dumfries. I aim to create unusual designs and hope you enjoy what I have created. The look and feel of the chosen piece of leather inspires me as to the design and individuality of every piece I create.


I originally started making musical instrument straps. This came about because I could not find a comfortable strap for my own instruments: mandolin, guitar and 5-string banjo. Most of the straps I tried were solid, one piece leather that I found most uncomfortable and I wanted something that would mould to the body and yet let meĀ  move. I designed something I felt might work and found an excellent leather supplier selling a pull up leather in various colours. I have a selection of sample colours in store if you would like to see them in person.This leather ages beautifully with its original markings and grains. A plus was the colours that I could work with as I just love bright colours to enhance teh look fo teh instruments.


I was then asked to make a bag… this evolved into making lots of bags, with unusual designs and then a belt, which again set my imagination rolling as to different colours with quality buckles that have proved a great success. You can find a selection of my items for sale here.


I have had many requests for bespoke items. I can make all musical instrument straps with several colour themes with a choice from 22 colours.


The leather bags and belts can also be make to your own specification of colour, size and design – your own bespoke item. You can order through Mad Notions, or they can pass on my phone number if you would like to discuss further.