Rainy Days are made for Crafting

So, we enter another weekend with miserable weather, but don’t let this stop you from doing some exciting crafty activities. With all sorts of indoor activities on offer, for every age group, there will be something you can do to keep the family entertained.
A number of young children enjoy the idea of playing with different sensations. They enjoy the feel of slimy textures a little more than adults do. It is fairly easy to set up an impromptu sensory bin or ‘feely box’ with a large tub and some household items.
We have created a Pinterest page to gather together some ideas. Some of them, such as the insect ones, will take a little more planning and preparation than say a colour sorting one, but it is cheap and easy to hide small toys or items in a tub of rice, spaghetti, water beads to let children dig for them. Make it even more exciting by including ‘tools’ such as spades, sieves, toy diggers, cups or any other item that is safe.
Older children will also enjoy making small worlds, such as fairy gardens or dinosaur lands. Get them involved in gathering together appropriate materials and build it together. Although be prepared for children to want to play with it for a while, it may be that they would like to leave the world built for a week or so. Consider this when building and think about investing in a large shallow tub or plant pot that can be used over and over again.
For older children, they could have a rainy day theme and create works of art using water and other materials. They could even create a drawing on paper using chalk or pens and place it in the rain to see the effect it has on their creation. There are so many rainbow themed crafts too, that you could spend a whole rainy week indoors creating wonderful items and pictures.
Visit our selection of ideas relating to the rainy days we get so often.
Or, if you have been stuck in the house for a while, why not investigate what is in your local area for craft groups or drop ins.
We have had a few people in today, on a wet and cold Saturday afternoon, painting ceramic money banks to use at home. You can book in advance if you would like to reserve a space or you can just drop in on a Saturday afternoon (and Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school break) to see what all we have on offer.
For those of you a little older, and falling more in the adult category, there are many ideas you can find online  for revamping furniture, creating new storage areas in your home, or why not just take the opportunity to relax with a hot drink and enjoy working on your most recent project; whether that be crochet, knitting, card making, jewellery design or anything else you’ve turned your hand to.
Rainy days are made for crafting.

Milk Cartons to Fairy Houses

Who loves fairies and gnomes? There’s a group of youngsters in Annan who love them and made them new homes.

Last Saturday, 19th Jan, we got really creative and made fairy houses from milk cartons. Yup, those plastic bottles that we throw away or recycle every few days or so. It was fairly straight forward too.
Materials: 4 pint milk carton (cleaned and de-labelled), marker pens, craft knife/sharp scissors (and an adult to help), foam, felt, artificial flowers, artificial leaves, stickers, double sided tape/hot glue gun.
How to:
1. Choose your milk carton of choice. We used the 4 pint plastic ones with screw on lids. A lid isn’t totally necessary, but can add more detail to the roof if you don’t have a hole in it!
2. Use a permanent marker to draw on the roof, doors and windows. Better to use a dark colour to show up, but be careful as if the pen is too thickly applied, you’ll dye your fingers whenever you touch it.
3. An adult will need to use a craft knife or very sharp scissors to cut round the windows and doors. Some of our youngsters wanted the full door cut out, whilst others preferred them to be ‘hinged’.
4. Use any foam, felt, flowers, leaves etc lying around to decorate the outside of your house using double sided tape or a hot glue gun. Fitting curtains can be very fiddly, but can be done as some of the pictures show – although definitely easier to fit on the outside of the windows.
5. You can now add inside details such as felt beds, lids as tables, and much more. Some of our fairy houses had TVs on the wall and supposedly also had WiFi. Some high tech fairies in Annan!

Have a go of your own and let us know how you get on by emailing your pictures to mad-notions-craft-shop@outlook.com or sending us them through Facebook.

Or if you’re near by, why not sign up for one of next classes.